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This election was about change, and we hope this includes a change in how the world sees Africa, said Libya's Hassan Tatanaki

                  Obama's African Roots on Center Stage at Pan-Africa

Inaugural Ball

Sarah Obama, Robert De Niro, Rev. Desmond Tutu to Help Boost Africa's New

Special Relationship

Much was made during the campaign about President Barack Obama's African
heritage. His roots will be definitely showing at the pan-Africa ball, where African
political leaders, NGOs, and activists will be turning up en masse to show their
support for America's first African-American President, and to symbolize the
special new relationship the continent shares with America. Among the special
guests who will welcome the new President: the President-elect's Kenyan
Grandmother Sarah Obama, actor Robert DeNiro, Nobel Peace Prize winners
Reverend Desmond Tutu and Wangari Maathai.

"This election was about change, and we hope this includes a change in how the
world sees Africa," said Libya's Hassan Tatanaki, Chairman of the Tatanaki
Foundation and one of the event's sponsors. "Africa is more than famine and
poverty and war. It is a place of beauty and history and culture as well. We are
grateful for the humanitarian commitment of previous Presidents to Africa, but we
feel Africa now has a personal connection to America, at the highest level."

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WHAT: "Africa on the Potomac," the 2009 Pan- Africa
Inaugural Ball

WHERE: 1 700 Jefferson Davis
WHEN: 6:00pm, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 (Inauguration Day)

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