Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Libya Awalan TV joins CNN’s global affiliate network

CNN International has announced that Libya Awalan TV (which translates as ‘Libya First’) is to join its global network of affiliates. The partnership is the first with a private network in Libya and adds to CNN’s global presence, as well as its strength in North Africa.

Libya Awalan TV was founded in March 2011, shortly after the conflict in Libya began, and made its inaugural broadcast a few weeks later on 1 April. It employs more than 200 people and has control rooms in Tripoli and Benghazi, as well as in Cairo. During the Libya conflict, Awalan’s reporters brought detailed reports from across the country, and the station continues to report on Libya’s ongoing recovery in five daily news bulletins and across breaking news.

Deborah Rayner, VP and managing editor at CNN International, said: “Libya Awalan’s bravery and commitment to independent journalism during the conflict in Libya was an example to any news network, and their ongoing commitment to serious reporting is there for all to see. They will be valuable partners to CNN International and we’re delighted to be welcoming them to our affiliate family.”
Hassan Tatanaki, founder and chairman of Libya Awalan TV, added: “CNN is the original 24-hour news channel and a network that continues to set the standard in global news. It has a long-standing presence in and passion for our region, so to become part of its affiliate network is a proud moment for us as a young channel. We hope we can make a strong contribution to CNN’s reporting in a new and free Libya and beyond.”

Libya Awalan has recently covered a range of stories in Libya, from tribal clashes in the deserts of Kufra, to illegal immigration, student demonstrations in Benghazi, and the children returning to school in Zawiya. It regularly interviews Transitional National Council ministers and officials from the transitional government. Its programming includes news, political, social, and health reports, as well as sports coverage.


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